Welcome to your TrueFanz training. We recommend you watch each of these training videos to get the most out of your platform!

Getting Started Fast


  • Get Approved For Payments

    Step 1. Complete your verification to accept and earn payments. (registration info is encrypted and used for verification)

  • Personalize Your Image

    Step 2. Upload your best profile pic & channel banner to display to your audience. 

  • Highlight Yourself & Content

    Step 3. Write an enticing bio about yourself and the unique content fanz will find on your channel

  • Set Your Subscription Price

    Step 4. Set your subscription price. (Avg. $12-25)

  • Post Some Exclusive Content

    Step 5. Upload 3-5 unique posts with clever captions that entice your potential subscribers to unlock access to your content.

  • Upload Vault Content 

    Step 6. Upload content to 1-3 vault folders (Avg. $35-350) Note: Creators with vault content earn 3X more than creators who don't have vault content

  • Launch & Earn!

    Step 7. Promote your TrueFanz channel link to your audience. (Share your channel link on youtube, IG, twitter, fbook and more)

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